August 29, 2010


i went to the NANOTSU and hung around with my buddy. a lot of motorcycles came there.

 One of my favorite. cool triumph.

 Young man, JIN is the owner of triumph.

This early was cool, too.

 This tank was made by owner. I can't believe it.

Владивосток vol.4

Their drive is very rough and crazy. It's too dangerous.

i saw a tractor group. it looked so strange.

 illuminations. it's amazing.

 i wanted to drink some Russian beers. but it was sold out at the bar where i went to.

anyway, cheers with Japanese beer.

Владивосток vol.3

i don't know why... but i like old streets and buildings like this.

i saw a Russian dog. he was very cute.

two guys who started to polish the explanation board as soon as i take a photo.

polishing, polishing, polishing...

FUKUYAMA TSUUN is Japanese company. i don't think the company has the Branch in Vladivostok. Russian people use it as is, i guess.

at the Labor station. 9288km to Moscow. it's too far...

Matryoshka dolls



August 26, 2010

Владивосток vol.2

i went to the center of city. the road was crowded and saw a lot of Japanese car.

August 25, 2010


now i'm in Vladivostok.

Hyundai hotel. i can't read Russian. are there anyone who can read this?